10 Ways to Fail (and Succeed) in a Tech Startup

The first thing I’ll say is that I have had both a failed startup (Geeklist) and a successful one (Webjunto). After my failed attempt at the start-up world, I became highly addicted to everything startup and everything tech. The industry, the passion, the people, and the glamor (alright, maybe we’re not there yet). However; what[…]

Success and Growth Requires Learning

Fellow Juntonians, This month, remember that success and growth is all about learning. In every industry and every career path there is a way to learn more, better yourself, and help those around you. As you’re pursuing your dreams, remember to accomplish small tasksdaily.  If you’re changing careers; grab a part time gig to make sure it’s something[…]

Progressive Web Applications- For Owners

Some of the biggest companies in the world including Uber, Twitter, Starbucks, and Forbes have already adapted their businesses to use Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) keeping up with ever changing demands from not only consumers but also the technologies that they use every day. But how can you use this for your business? And what[…]