Success and Growth Requires Learning

Fellow Juntonians,

This month, remember that success and growth is all about learning. In every industry and every career path there is a way to learn more, better yourself, and help those around you.

As you’re pursuing your dreams, remember to accomplish small tasksdaily.  If you’re changing careers; grab a part time gig to make sure it’s something you love.  If you’re building a new product – release a smaller version, sooner.  If you’re about to spend a large budget on marketing; spend a smaller budget and test, measure, and learn before dedicating all your resources.

The fear of perfection often paralyzes all of us, and the thought of running a 5k makes us think of excuses; but it’s easy to take a single step, right?

Speaking of single steps, here’s 3 blog posts that we think you’ll enjoy reading.  Does it matter if they are relevant to you today?  Nope; they may be relevant tomorrow, but you can always improve yourself today!

Why Does Digital Advertising Suck – @Jeremyet
3 Types of A/B Tests – Carson Forter
Acquiring New Customers Is Important, But… – Forbes

Remember, stay motivated – stay passionate – and keep educating yourself.  You’ll do better than your competition.