A Network of Entrepreneurs at Your Fingertips!

It’s especially easy to get stuck as an entrepreneur when your peers are the folks you work with.  You may get stressed or overwhelmed, thinking “Who do I run my business decisions by?”, or “Who can I confide in without appearing weak?”

Fear not – there is a world wide community of entrepreneurs just like you that are happy to share their advice, woes, fears, and triumphs.  The most successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to open up and embrace their feelings while receiving advice from others.

This month we wanted to focus on advice submitted from our members.  I’ve compiled their advice and book recommendations, as well as a link to their LinkedIn profile.

If you’d like to share this list of advice, the link to the blog post is here:

Sharing information and advice is key to success.  We all go through the same emotional and mental trials; and very few people realize that there are founders out there that they can relate to, and who are willing to share as well.

If you’re in Philly, come hang out on (Sept 18th) and chat over some beers!

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